Is your dryer running just no heat? Check the vent before pulling it out from
the wall look in the back and make sure it is not too close to the wall and
kinking or crushing the 4" vent hose. Most people lean against their unit to
turn the knobs. To prevent this take a couple pieces of boards about a foot
long each, place them end to end against the dryer and the wall.
If this does not take care of the problem check vent going out, it shoud not
be vented anymore than 7-8 ft max. straight out. Not up the wall or down into
the foundation. Water does not travel up so it will not get the moisture out of
the dryer. Going down into the foundation there is usually moisture down there
already or if you live where we do at sea level it will not get the moisture out
either. Keeping this cleaned out on a regular basis will also help your electric bill.
Clean your lint filter after each use so the lint does not build up in the dryer.

Since there are so many styles of Dryers out these days with so many internal parts and accessories we ask you to call or email us with make model and serial numbers we can look them up and let you know what is price and availablity.