Refrigerator Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning tips
use 1/2 cup isopropyl alcohol in dishpan of warm water- will
loosen icy matter and clean
while removing odors. Best of all no clean up after.
Clean coils on back or bottom of unit
There are special coil cleaning brushes we sell to help reach
between and underneath. This will help your unit run more effeciently.
If you have a refrigerator or freezer that has to be defrosted.
Use a hair dryer or better yet unplug or turn control to off and
let it sit for a few hours. Have a few towels to clean up any
water and there will be some.

Care & Maintenance

•Check the seal occasionally to ensure proper sealing. If the seal is not adequate, the
door may require an adjustment or the seal may need to be replaced. You can do the dollar bill test by closing the door on a dollar bill and see how easy it is to pull out while door is shut. If it is tight to pull out the seal is good.

•Defrost and clean the freezer regularly. Ice build-up will lower it's efficiency.
•Safeguard your small children by keeping freezers locked.
•Vacuum any exposed condensor coils regularly to ensure proper air circulation.
•Keep temperature constant to keep food from spoiling.
•Label and date food contents for quick retrieval, and ensure that foods are properly
•These tips are general in nature; consult your owner's manual for specific care

  • Keeping milk in the door may make it spoil faster even though many companies make it to where the shelves are wide enough. Whenever the door is opened the items in the door is exposed more to the warm air in the room.