Finding your model number

The different manufactures have put the model and serial plates in many different places, some common area's to find that model tag are listed below.
If you are trying to order parts, remember to copy down the model and serial # - some manufactures have used extra information on their model and serial tags that may be required to get the correct part or information on your appliance.
Some have had series #'s. - series 03
Some have had B/M #'s. - B/M# AH59A
Some have had P #'s or a manufacture #'s
Some Kenmore model#'s may have a space in them...example:
110 34567890 or 363 98765432 These are often written like 110.34567890 or 363.98765432 or 106.123456789
The first three numbers(110 or 365 or 106 etc may be different like it is stamped on and the rest of number may be printed.

Series 70, 80, 90, Profile, Gallery, Neptune, XL44, Gold, Elite, HE3, HE3T, Duet are names, but these are not model #'s.
If your appliance has the energy guide sticker or card still attached, do not go by the model # listed on this sticker. It is always incomplete version of the real model #. The energy guide is a rectangular sticker. Sales receipts, Use & Care manuals also usually do not have the full model# on them. It is not a bad idea to write down all your model #'s once you find them and store them along with the receipts and manuals.

After some models look to see if there is a space or two then maybe more letter or numbers.

Refrigerators / Freezers / upright or chest
Side by side or freezer on top or freezer on bottom
*inside refrigerator on walls or ceiling (possibly behind a crisper drawer)
*same on most freezers inside on walls or ceiling
*older units maybe at kick plate open door possibly have to take kick plate off

Free standing or drop in
*most popular place if a have a drawer in bottom not on
draw but when you open it. you will see frame on either side
*open oven door around cavity opening where door meets the cavity
*when you lift the top like the hood of your car

Stovetop and down draft style
*lift top inside burner area
*On the underneath in cabinet
*On side of plenum for for down draft

Wall Ovens
*open door should be where door meets cavity around opening not on door

Top Load washer
Depending on company or age
*Under lid between the hinges or the back part of opening
*on the back or top of the head
*old Ge can be found down by the left foot on the side
*open lid and possibly on underneath of lid

Front load washer
*Most companies put them on opening when you open the door or on the door

*open the door around the opening

*Located when you open the door not on the door but around the opening
you may have to bend and look right up in corner under counter top

Small Appliance Misc
*On back or bottom of unit

*On bottom or back lower part of handle

Kitchen Aid Mixer
*underneath on base

Sunbeam / Hamilton Beach Mixers (few others)
*Tilt head back where mixer mounts to base will be printed into metal Sometimes called a cat #

*on the back of unit
*open the door on the right side of cavity by control panel
*below cavity
*inside cavity on one of the walls

Air Conditioner
Window units
*take off front panel where air blows out
*or down below coils on front
Central Units
*On the outside of unit usally on side facing wall of house

*take off front panel usually top one

Trash Compactor
*Inside top door frame or along side frame behind door

*On bottom of unit some maybe on side

Range hood
*On left side under neath by the filter possibly under filter