Green Guides

The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AH & LA) publishes a list of eleven guidelines to help member properties become more eco-friendly.
Each hotel should form an Environmental Committee that is responsible for developing an Environmental Green Plan for energy, water, and solid waste use
Manage your hotel’s environmental performance by monitoring the electric, gas, water, and waste usage information on a monthly and annual basis. Review with key personnel.
3. Replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps wherever possible
Install digital thermostats in guestrooms and throughout the hotel.
Implement a towel and/or linen reuse program.
Install 2.5-gallons per minute showerheads or less in all guestroom baths and any employee shower areas.
Install 1.6-gallon toilets in all guestrooms.
Implement a recycling program –including public spaces — to the full extent available in your municipality; document your efforts.
Implement a recycling program for hazardous materials found in fluorescent bulbs, batteries, and lighting ballasts through licensed service providers
Purchase Energy Star labeled appliances and equipment
All office paper products should have 20% or more post consumer recycled content
Source: American Hotel & Lodging Association