Dryer Vent Cleaning

Vent Cleaning Kit
Kit has 4 rods can be used for dryer or refrigerator
1 4" brush round
1 5" long brush
Sold separately
Vent Brushes 3' vary on stiffness of bristles

You're going to now disconnect the various sections
of dryer ducting to expose the inside lint for removal. The photos show dangerous
lint build up inside a vertical dryer vent right behind the dryer and in a 90 degree bend
a few feet away. You can see all the lint that has built up. Some duct cleaning products
and approaches try and clean this mess from the outside of the home with all of the ducting
intact but if the ducting is accessible, why go through the effort and expense of extremely
long shafted brushes, bags and all that only to end up with a less than good job.
If you just disconnect the vent sections, you'll be able to easily and properly clean each
section and put it back together correctly. In the case of this tutorial's installation,
the dryer duct sections were originally duct taped and screwed together, all of which is
wrong! Your dryer may not have these sections.

If by chance your vent goes up into the wall to your attic, you really need to have it
redone or move your dryer to a place where it can go directly outside with no more than
a 7-8 foot maximum lenghth. This also applies to venting going down into your foundation.
Where we live down on the gulf coast we are at almost sea level so what do you think is going to
build up? You are trying to get the moisture out of your clothes and the dryer with moisture
in the vent this will not happen, It is in the same line of thinking that water does not
travel up so if your line goes up into the attic. Also if you have a basement and it is
vented to go up to a window a few feet up the basement wall.